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nail extensions

Acrylics & Dip Powder

Tips w/ acrylic

Acrylic Full Set

  • An Acrylic Full Set consists of extending the length of your nails with artificial tips, and overlaying each nail with a layer of acrylic that will mimic the look of a natural nail. An Acrylic Full Set can be finished with regular polish, gel, or dip powder colors (additional fees may apply).
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    Restoration of Full Set

    Acrylic Fill

  • When the time has come and your natural nails are peeking at the cuticle, then it is time for either a brand new full set or an Acrylic Fill. An Acrylic Fill is restoration of your original full set by adding additional acrylic to the base of your nail and re-polishing to the color of your choice. If our Sha nail techs believe that your original full set is too outgrown or not stable enough to receive a fill, then he/she may advise you to undergo a new full set.
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    Long-Lasting, No-Chip Polish

    Acrylic Full Set w/ Gel Finish

  • This service is advisable for those who are less likely to get a fill or a new full set within a 2 week period. Acrylic Full Sets with a Gel finish tend to last twice as long, and have zero drying time than compared to regular nail polish. We have hundreds of options in gel, regular and dip powder colors; so, the choice is yours.
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    Long-Lasting, Vitamin Infused Extensions

    Dip Powder w/ Tips

  • This service is best for those who would like the long-lasting nail extensions without the worry of withstanding the harsh acrylic. While many people still love the classic Acrylic Full Set, the Dip Powder Full Set is the healthier option for your nails and Sha Nail Salon carries hundreds of colors in dip for you to choose from.
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    French Style Nail Extensions

    Pink & White

  • The Pink & White is a go-to favorite for many! This service consists of extending the length of your nails with artificial tips and overlaying each nail with pink and white powder to create the french look. A classy, natural, stunning look that can't go wrong.
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    Additional Services
  • Gel Finish
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  • Chrome Finish
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  • Nail Repair
  • Nail Designs & Decals
  • Nail Extension Removal
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