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hygienic is our middle name.


How many people will be allowed in the salon? 
UPDATE – Only 50% of maximum capacity is allowed in the salon. This is in accordance to CDC guidelines for gatherings.
  • This includes 4-5 nail technicians and up to 6-7 clients.
  • Clients in groups of 2 or more are highly recommended to make an appointment before arrival.



Do clients need to schedule appointments? 
UPDATE – Appointments are highly recommended but not required. Walk-ins are welcome. Please call (636) 227-5966 to schedule an appointment or book online with the appointment tab at the top of this page.



Are clients required to wear a mask? 
We please ask that you do wear a mask when possible for the safety of clients and our technicians. However, we understand that some cannot wear a mask for special circumstances. Social distancing of 6 feet apart from other clients and sanitizing hands upon arrival is required at all times. Technicians will wear PPE at all times. 


What PPE (personal protective equipment) will technicians use?
Technicians will be required to wear PPE. This includes a lab coat, mask, face shield (during pedicures), examination gloves, and closed-toed shoes. Gloves will be changed between every client. In addition, at each manicure station, there will be acrylic dividers/protective barriers between the technician and client.



How will technicians sanitize their equipment and stations? 
Technicians will be required to sanitize their station with 70% alcohol disinfectant before every client. A sanitation card will be placed on the station once it’s been sanitized. Each set of surgical tools will be sanitized using barbicide and UV light between every client. Each client will receive a personalized nail set, including a fresh file and buffer. Pedicure chairs and bowls will be sanitized between every client. Clients have the option to utilize a pedicure bowl liner which will be available upon request.



Can I bring my own tools and polish? 
Yes, you are welcome to bring your own tools and polish, but we cannot guarantee that they will be sanitized according to our protocols. 



How will the salon be regularly sanitized? 
Employees will sanitize surfaces every hour. Stations will be sanitized after each client. Sanitizing wipes/liquid sanitizer will be available at each station for clients to freely use. A deeper clean, including facility-wide UV sanitation, will be done after hours. 



What precautions will be taken for waxing and other treatments? 
A paper liner for the treatment table will be replaced between each client. Technicians will wear PPE and sanitize tools with alcohol. 



What if I’m concerned about sanitation? 
These hygiene protocols were created solely for our salon and extensively reviewed by a public health professional. If at any time we are not meeting your hygiene expectations, please do not hesitate to tell a technician. We are fully committed to providing you with a safe and comfortable experience at our salon. 



What payments systems do you accept? 
Our salon will provide access to cash, credit cards, checks, Venmo and Apple Pay.



Do you have contactless payment? 
Yes, contactless payments are available through Apple Pay and Venmo (@ShaNailSalon). We have a QR code at the front desk for your convenience.